Fall Favorites

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As we settle into our autumn academic routine, we find ourselves falling back into old patterns: using (or not using) a planner, catching up with old friends, and – my personal favorite – breaking out the cool-weather clothes.

If you know me at all, you know that I have a slight sweater and shoe problem. I own dozens of both; I never get sick of them. No matter how many of each I purchase, I can always find another that I have to buy. Usually I stick with J.Crew, Ann Taylor and Urban Outfitters. However, this summer, I had the pleasure of working with actress and fiber-arts designer Karen Allen on this piece about her gallery and store in Great Barrington, MA. She was well-spoken, witty, graceful, and oh-so-sweet. Needless to say, I immediately went home and watched Raiders of the Lost Ark and started my online shopping.

I’m not going to lie – the prices aren’t cheap. Her 100% cashmere gloves start at $75, hats at $105, gaitors at $150, scarves at $165, and sweaters at $495. Regardless, I will emphasize that they are divine. If you’re looking for the perfect autumn staple and can afford the splurge, this is where to start. My personal favorite? The Autumn Rhapsody Pullover. Soft, comfortable, and versatile.

For those looking in a lower price range (like me), try this adorable color-block sweater that I purchased this weekend during Loft’s 40% off event. The brown, pink, and orange-red hues will match any foliage, and the shape boasts comfort without the boxiness of a too-baggy fit. I also purchased a necklace and sunglasses to match.

Here’s the full outfit from today!

I wrapped up the afternoon with a trip to the NARS counter in Nordstrom. Though I walked in without the intention of a purchase, I walked out with their “Larger Than Life” long-wear eyeliner in Abbey Road. Now, I know you’re thinking: “Julie, you have two different color eyes, and neither of them are fit for teal eyeliner.” But I promise that this is an investment I will never regret. The color is  bright without bordering aggressive, and it applies even smoother than my favorite Make Up For Ever pencil (purchase always in “shimmering plum”). My brown-and-green eyes have never looked bigger or better!

NARS Longer Than Life in Abbey Road (left) and Make Up For Ever in Shimmering Plum (right)

Finally, I’ve fallen in love with Lollia hand lotions. Which is huge.

I’ve always detested these kinds of products for their gross residue and synthesized smell, so I was hesitant when I received this “Petite Treat” as a birthday gift. My hands are also in terrible condition (both in terms of dryness and my nervous habit of picking my cuticles), so I was pleasantly surprised – no, thrilled – when I opened the tube to find a sweet-smelling, non-greasy serum that immediately worked wonders.

The scent of my particular tube is officially called “Calm” – designed to smell of hyacinth and honey – and is made with shea butter, macadamia nut avocado oil. I used to only apply as-needed, but now I find myself craving it’s buttery texture and elegant fragrance on my skin. Even the packaging makes me smile! For someone who hates being cold, I’m awfully excited for the seasonal chill that will justify using even more of this stuff, finishing the bottle, and having an excuse to try a new one.

Photo courtesy of http://www.lollialife.com

On that note, I’m off to start my spanish homework and prepare for my shift at the library. Keep your eyes peeled for another post this week, including my top five(?) fall staple items. (Hint: there will almost definitely be more than five).

In the words of the always-fabulous Roséline, “I hope it’s beautiful where you are…”