Indian Food Is Delicious

Like, delicious. After spending the afternoon wandering the city, I am happy and full in bed watching SNL and catching up on miscellaneous assignments. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much luck trying to find a new wallet or rain boots today, but I’m totally open to suggestions if anyone has any and will be browsing the Internet for probably the rest of the evening. Some other things, both good and bad: Continue reading

It Doesn’t Feel Like Monday

That might have something to do with the fact that I was only at work for 30 minutes today, since I had to rush back up to Washington Heights to deal with exterminator drama. (For those of you who haven’t heard, we have a mouse problem). But, it’s been a productive day nonetheless and I’ve got a pleasantly busy month ahead of me. What I’m enjoying the most:

  1. Watching The Americans. There’s not a ton of humor, but I’m fascinated by my own inclination to root for Phillip & Elizabeth, who are technically the enemy.
  2. This outfit.
  3. Some insanely delicious adjustments to this crock pot clam chowder recipe.
  4. The mildly stressful (but also a little exciting?) search for a birthday dinner restaurant. Manolo Tapas? Boquería? Somebody help!
  5. Pinning these curly girl short haircuts like crazy. Before February 1st, I’m doing it!
  6. Listening to my alma mater say some really impressive stuff about acceptance.
  7. Reviving my Spanish and learning French via Duolingo. Je suis un femme. Bonjour. Bonsoir. Paris is only months away…

Seriously though, I’d love any restaurant or hair salon recommendations. Let me know?



Take Me Home, Country Roads

I think it’s pretty indisputable that leaving NYC is a good thing. Not permanently, of course. But, a weekend away is almost always exactly what the doctor ordered, and I thoroughly enjoyed a visit to my Alma Mater, eating dinner with my Dad, and celebrating an upcoming birthday with my aunt and sister. All followed by a week-long visit with some friends from San Francisco. Not bad, right? Here’s what else is up:

1. THE BLACKLIST RETURNS. Even though Elizabeth Keene obviously has some Daddy issues, this show is my favorite new binge-watch. Also, James Spader. Continue reading