Day 3 in Wine Country: It’s drinking time

The Arbor Walk at Carneros Resort

I promised more parts to the California vacation saga, so here is part 2 — where we got serious about wine-tastings.

On Wednesday, our third full day in Sonoma, we drove over for a noontime tasting a Caymus Vineyards. The four of us had identified Caymus as a must-try for our trip after trying some of their 2015(?) Cabernet at Arethusa Al Tavolo in Bantam, CT. The tasting wasn’t cheap and didn’t come with snacks, but the wine definitely held up and the ambiance was phenomenal. Think: birds chirping, serene music, and patios with ivy-covered wire tents. Hands down one of my favorite tastings of the trip.

It was also at Caymus that I first learned about Wine-Away (which is apparently the holy grail of red wine stain removers) when our sommelier balked at my all-white attire. I didn’t end up needing any, but I must have walked past a dozen different strangers talking about the product during our trip. Probably something you should consider picking up if you’ve got a trip to wine country planned.

Immediately after Caymus, we popped over to Domaine Chandon for another tasting and light lunch. No photos from here, unfortunately, but we sat outside on some Adirondack chairs and enjoyed some of their sparkling varieties. This was a great, relaxed way to kill time where you don’t need a reservation and can try something new for relatively cheap.

Finally, we swung by Inglenook Winery chateau afterwards for a cup of coffee and brief walk through the museum as part of a leisurely drive down the Silverado trail. The winery is owned by Francis Ford Coppola and his wife, Eleanor, and our visit late in the day meant that it was largely empty and extremely peaceful. I think we tried one glass of wine — their blancaneaux.

The Chateau at Inglenook Winery

It was a day full of drinking. The best thing I did was hydrate like hell, wear sunblock, and take turns driving with my husband and in-laws. I’ve also heard that people hire drivers to take them to different vineyards, but that seemed like an unnecessary extra expense to us.

And that brings me to: our dinner at the Restaurant at Meadowood, which 100% deserves its own post. I’m hoping to have that up soon (largely since we did the “three-course” and there are not enough reviews of that on the internet).

In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions about recommendations, tasting-strategies, etc.

Love, me.


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