What I liked in New Orleans

I imagine you know this already because most of you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, but Jake and I recently spend a weekend together for a 24-hour whirlwind in New Orleans. He drove from the Pensacola, FL, Navy base where he was doing an aerospace medicine rotation, and I flew in from Bethesda.

Of course, it was so amazing to be back together after nearly a month, but, a minor confession, I did not love New Orleans itself! I liked New Orleans — particularly a few specific experiences that I’ll detail below — but generally I found myself kind of lukewarm. The highlights:

  • The Henry Howard Hotel. For some reason, the prices were sky high while we were in town — and no, we weren’t there during Jazz Fest or Mardi Gras — but we splurged anyway and loved the ambiance and neighborhood surrounding the Henry Howard. It definitely felt like a much-needed respite from the party vibe. Plus, they leave out warm chocolate chip cookies as part of their evening turn-down service.
  • The beignets at Cafe Du Monde. I am sure there are other amazing beignets in New Orleans, and you probably don’t have to wait as long for them, but since we were short on time and happened to be nearby, I am so glad we stopped and tried them here. They were every bit as amazing as everyone made them sound. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t care about sweets.


  • The jazz show at Preservation Hall. Full disclosure: you have to get in line like 45 minutes before it starts to buy tickets, but it is totally worth it — even if, like me, you hate being surrounded by drunk people somewhere like Bourbon Street. The show itself runs less than an hour and is truly extraordinary and fun. I had a blast despite it being hours past my bedtime.
  • Courtyard Brewery. Obviously this one was Jake’s discovery, but I really loved it! It smells strongly of boiling hops and they’ve got an adorable little tent out front where they make $3 tacos. You can also bring your own food, which I learned from the people who had a pizza delivered while they sat outside enjoying the beer. A great way to end our weekend.
  • We also ended up eating dinner one night at K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen. It wasn’t our first choice, but an extreme lack of planning meant that we hadn’t made a dinner reservation anywhere and spent like an hour trying to find a spot we agreed on. K-Paul’s was cute, the portions were huge, and the pours were generous which means I was happily full of seafood pasta and wine.


So that was that! A quick pit stop before heading back to Pensacola, which was followed by a week in wine country with Jake’s parents. Hoping to have at least one (if not two!) posts on that coming soon — though, frankly, there were a few aspects of the trip that deserve their own writeup entirely. If you saw something on my Instagram that you’d like to hear about, let me know.

Love, me

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