Heyyy, Monday

As far as Mondays go, this one is pretty solid. I worked from home, binge-watched the last few episodes of House of Cards S4, and actually had time to cook my meals. I’m pretty sure nothing hits the spot like a homemade breakfast sandwich. Some other highlights:

  1. A conditioner that works triple duty and doesn’t take up space in my bathroom.
  2. This really wonderful profile about me on The Lifestyle Edit.
  3. An independent coffee shop in my neighborhood.
  4. These tights.
  5. An uncanny resemblance between the new arrivals at Ann Taylor and Michael Kors’ SS15 show.
  6.  A truly wonderful newsletter full of legitimately useful information.
  7. Guides to Bruges.
  8. My dermatologist, Dr. Kil, who is wonderful.
  9. An upcoming visit to USUHS. Heading there this weekend and looking forward to Bethesda Bagels!
  10. Spotlight, which I finally saw this weekend.

How was everyone else’s Daylight Savings Monday? Anything exciting? Would love recommendations for D.C…


Published by Julie Bogen

CT --> NYC --> Washington, DC. Audience Engagement at The Atlantic, formerly at Vox.com & R29.

6 thoughts on “Heyyy, Monday

      1. My body was convinced I was trying to wake it up at 4:30am. It refused to get out of bed and continued to torment me for the rest of the day with yawning and tiredness. I should have taken the day off ha-ha. Thank you for asking!

      2. Oooh I had a similar experience. I accidentally napped from 6:45 until 8:45 yesterday, and then couldn’t fall asleep until 1:30 in the morning. Tossed and turned all night! Hope your day turned around.

      3. I hate nights like those. Tossing feels worse than getting no sleep at all. It did, I’m drinking wine and catching up on my reading.

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