Indian Food Is Delicious

Like, delicious. After spending the afternoon wandering the city, I am happy and full in bed watching SNL and catching up on miscellaneous assignments. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much luck trying to find a new wallet or rain boots today, but I’m totally open to suggestions if anyone has any and will be browsing the Internet for probably the rest of the evening. Some other things, both good and bad:

  1. Kismat, where I ordered dinner from tonight. So yummy!
  2. Josh Malina liking my tweet. Sounds silly, but I’ve been a fan since Sports Night / The West Wing.
  3. Cecily Strong is BACK as the Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started Talking To At A Party.
  4. Kate Somerville’s new Exfolikate Cleanser.
  5. This adorable story about tech products we can’t get rid of.
  6. A helpful, albeit terrifying, explanation of how Trump is gaining popularity.
  7. Racked’s deep dive into the story of Kate Spade.
  8. That time Gawker picked up my pizza rat video.
  9. Fashion week, sunsets, exploring Brooklyn.
  10. An upcoming trip to Washington DC in two weeks, and then Europe in April (Brussels & Paris)! Would love to hear your favorite spots in all of the above.
  11. J.Crew factory’s massive spring sale. This shirt is so up my alley.

Off to enjoy season 4 of House of Cards before it’s inevitably spoiled for me somewhere on the Internet. Seriously, though, send me your recs on European destinations, rain boots, wallets, and whatever else!


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