The Lazy Song (AKA: Sundaze)

I think we can all agree that summer is, by far, the most superior season. Between the blossoming tree-lined sidewalks of New York City, sun-soaked hardwood floors in my bedroom, and easy long weekends with family, I am a very happy camper. And speaking of camping…

  1. I never thought I would say this, but it turns out I’m mildly in love with hiking and sleeping in tents. A long weekend in the Adirondacks this July was all it took to convince me — though I wish I had reviewed this list before leaving, if only for slide 23. And, you couldn’t tell I hadn’t showered in 3 days, thanks to this dry shampoo.
  2. On a more professional note & if you’ve got a job interview coming up, these hiring managers spilled their secrets on the mistakes candidates didn’t realize they were making.
  3. My shopping trip to Saks didn’t quite go as planned. Neither did my search for a practical, long-lined swimsuit. (But, how gorgeous is this one?)
  4. Currently: this smell wafting from the kitchen.
  5. I am not exaggerating when I say this is some of the best meat I have ever had in my life. We’ve been eating our way through sirloin steaks, bacon ground beef, chorizo, speck, and fresh basil all weekend. To die for. Please eat / buy food here. You won’t regret it.
  6. Loving all over Aerie lately. Especially this nightie I’ve been wearing as a dress, the incredible flannel romper they sent to me at work last week (not for sale yet anywhere I could find, but photos are coming!), and these insanely comfortable seamless panties that disappear under everything.
  7. Watch me try to be BFFs with Taylor Hill, Victoria’s Secret youngest angel.
  8. LeBron James might have been the best part of Trainwreck…and I cried three times.
  9. I finally understand why The Vacationers is on everyone’s list of perfect summer beach reads. Thanks for the extra copy, Caroline Stanley!
  10. And, most important, a puppy sleeping on a pile of ice cubes.

Anyone else really, really making the most of their weekends? You can find me happily cleaning for the rest of the afternoon while Jake applies to medical school. Also, am on the hunt for an excellent pair of black, pointed-toe pumps and black leather jackets, so if you have any leads…

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