No Such Thing As June Gloom

At least, not since this morning’s historic announcement that gay marriage is a constitutional right nationwide. I am so proud of our country, our leaders, and the example we’re setting for those who remain wary of change. Truly, love has won.

And, I’m sorry about my recent vanishing act; the past few months have been a blur of productivity, joy, and exploration. I promise I’m back with a few exciting summer surprises for you:

1. The Society of Grown-Ups. All I can say about it is that they’re a life-changing resource for young professionals and recent grads. One dinner with them and I learned more about credit cards, savings accounts, and apartments than I did my entire time at school. If you’re in the Boston area, do yourself a favor and set up a meeting.

2. Another article for Refinery29, this time talking about my trick to having a better commute (and also, weirdly, being a better person). It led to some pretty awesome Twitter conversations with some exceptional people.

3. A list of the best burgers in NYC, courtesy of New York Magazine & Grub Street. Jake and I will start making our way through it this weekend. This is not a helpful read if you’re hungry.

4. My newly-discovered secret to perfect brows in the summertime. Took approximately one use for it to become a staple in my morning beauty routine. Now, I feel more naked without it than I do without mascara (or clothes?)

5. The only Tumblr page I actively check. “Dope hood, Joyce.”

6. A baby kitten drinking out of a bottle, I shit you not.

7. Seth & Amy taking a Sports Illustrated editor to TOWN for his sexist nonsense.

8. Social media success secrets for both personal & professional profiles. Calling it my official label of adulthood since they included my input.

9. And, on that note, tiaras for grown-ups. Yes, really. Probably the best gift basket I’ve ever received at work.

10. Finally: my picks from the journelle, Net-A-Porter, and Steven Alan sales.

Anyway, sorry for being a disaster and disappearing on you all. Would love your feedback on any of the above + your plans for the summer, and maybe your tips for dealing with a mouse problem in the apartment…?


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