I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Feeling…23?

Woo-hoo! I made it! 23 years and 2 days on this planet, and still going strong. The last few weeks have mostly been a blur of snow and work, so I was grateful to get a relaxing weekend at home, following my actual birthday when I managed to get sick enough to end up bedridden. That said, Litchfield was a gorgeous, lazy dream…as usual. Here are all the best things about the last seven days — from restaurant finds to birthday presents:

1. I could not have survived this insane winter weather without my favorite Timberland snow boots. They’re at least two years old, so I couldn’t find the exact model online, but these are pretty similar and have killer reviews. I should also mention that they make my legs look deceptively long.

2. Tragically, I ran out of my favorite dry shampoo, which means I have been living like a grease monkey for the last few days. There’s no point to this bullet except for me to wallow in self-pity before I order another bottle.

3. Super late on this one, I know, but for those of you still struggling with New Year’s resolutions, feel free to join me on mine (which, full disclosure, is pretty time consuming and potentially expensive).

4. Eat here if you’re ever in Washington Heights and craving authentic Spanish food with a cozy ambience. Manolo Tapas is their name and to-die-for paella is their game. Or, alternatively, eat here if you don’t like reservations and do like intimate wine bars in the West Village.

5. Never underestimate the power of a flattering, comfortable turtleneck. J.Crew’s version is the best in the biz — and you’d better believe I bought it in three colors.

6. And, on that last note of buys, all hail Madewell’s shawl-collar wrap cardigan sweater. Ridiculously long name aside, it is thus far my favorite birthday present and wardrobe staple. In addition to Anthropologie’s Eva wrap blouse, Diptyque’s Epice candle, and these skinny skinny high-rise jeans (also from Madewell). Happy birthday to me!

Did anyone else participate in their own version of #treatyoself this week? How are you staying warm amidst the (seemingly) endless barrage of snow? Let’s brainstorm some ways to avoid going stir-crazy. I’ll report back with my ideas.

Published by Julie Bogen

CT --> NYC --> Washington, DC. Audience Engagement at The Atlantic, formerly at Vox.com & R29.

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