Take Me Home, Country Roads

I think it’s pretty indisputable that leaving NYC is a good thing. Not permanently, of course. But, a weekend away is almost always exactly what the doctor ordered, and I thoroughly enjoyed a visit to my Alma Mater, eating dinner with my Dad, and celebrating an upcoming birthday with my aunt and sister. All followed by a week-long visit with some friends from San Francisco. Not bad, right? Here’s what else is up:

1. THE BLACKLIST RETURNS. Even though Elizabeth Keene obviously has some Daddy issues, this show is my favorite new binge-watch. Also, James Spader.

2. As part of the aforementioned early birthday celebration, my glorious aunt picked up the best coconut cake on the planet from Pastiche Bakery in Providence. This shit is not a joke.

3. After arriving in CT, I realized that I forgot the one favorite thing I’ve added to my makeup regimen this year: Clinique’s Brow Shaper in Shaping Taupe. Eyebrows are such a huge thing in the fashion industry — quickly after starting at Refinery29, it was the only step in my beauty routine that I took care to do every day. And, not gonna lie, my weekend wasn’t the same without it.

4. Promotions! Very happy about my new, full-time title at Refinery29.

5. Lastly, here are some kick-ass Superbowl party snacks.

Hope everyone is enjoying the calm before the (second) snowstorm. Maybe the Yeti will come back!

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