Weathering #Juno2015

Well, that was a historic disappointment of a blizzard—though I do not blame our meteorologists or Bill de Blasio, who are just trying to do their jobs—and I’ve spent the last 24 hours ruining my sheets and binge-watching Girls while trying to organize the next few weeks of my life. I’m just wrapping up and simultaneously beginning on some exciting new things:

1. I’m thrilled to be returning to Wheaton this weekend for their annual sophomore symposium. There are few things more satisfying to me than contributing — albeit in a small way — to the college I loved so much. Also, I think it’s outrageous that anyone would take life advice from me, under any circumstances.

2. Obviously this is my personal opinion, but I finished reading Seven Houses in France last week and found it unbearable. On top of the fact that it was incredibly pretentious, it was also unnecessarily lengthy and probably could’ve been condensed to 100 pages. I do not recommend.

3. Aaaand it’s travel-somewhere-warm season! So I thought it might be helpful to put together some tips on how to get bumped up to first class while flying, especially now that airlines are slowly resuming their schedules. Potentially helpful? Maybe?

Would love to hear what everyone else doing on their snow day off. Shopping online? Tracking the Yeti? Hope you’re staying warm and safe, wherever you may be.

Published by Julie Bogen

CT --> NYC --> Washington, DC. Audience Engagement at The Atlantic, formerly at & R29.

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