Duclos & Thompson Farm, Weybridge, VT

For a writer, I’m terrible at keeping up with my own writing. Homework, internship articles, freelance pieces – check. But give me a free hour to update the blog and I’m already running out the door to maintain my social life, or passed out on my desk from all the other writing. Regardless, I apologize for my eight-week absence. I’ve truly missed you.

So timeline-wise, we left off in early January while I was worshipping the fabulousness that is Ruby Woo and clearance-shopping for spring jackets at target. Not long after that, I made the trek up to Vermont and found some of the best fresh meat I have ever encountered. I should note that the following paragraph is only relevant for bacon-enthusiasts:

Jake and I were given the recommendation to seek out Duclos and Thompson Farm in Weybridge, VT by a friend of ours who understands our affinity for quality food. They don’t have a website, the farm is unmarked, we spent 30 minutes driving blindly around dirt roads until we found the right mailbox number, and it would be an understatement to say that this place looks like a scene from Saw. Like it’s legitimately a shack next to a residential farmhouse, with flickering lights and meat cleavers hanging in the back. A creepy little bell rings when you open the door, but nobody comes to assist and payment is on the honor system. All the products – bacon, quail eggs, pork loin, etc. – are kept in a fridge/freezer with glass doors, so you can reach in, take what you want, mark how much you took/paid on a hanging clipboard, and drive away. Easy, but terrifying to do alone. That all being said: it was the most flavorful, delicious, totally-worth-the-fat bacon I have ever purchased. I can’t even post a link to the place because it doesn’t exist on the Internet, but I wanted to encourage their business in case I have any Vermont-residing readers or frequent visitors. Duclos & Thompson Farm, 1026 Sheep Farm Road, Weybridge, VT.

Our creation of bacon & pesto stir-fried pasta looked something like this, though ours was made with onions, peppers, chicken, and parmesan cheese.

Not ours, but similar

The recipe for the above dish can be found here.

Expect another post soon with updates from Spain, since they are the reason for my occupied mind since January! Stay fabulous. xx

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