Jack Black, Guy Wolff, West Street Grille, NYC, and Israel

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Oh man, I’ve been lazy. Not lazy lazy, but lazy about this because my life is being consumed by the internship and travel preparations.

Let’s start with the interview I conducted after speaking with Karen Allen. After babysitting her children for part of my high school career, I had the pleasure of working with the radiant Emily Dalton, co-President of Jack Black grooming products. Emily is a glamorous, intelligent, successful, and truly exceptional woman. Her line of men’s toiletries is no different. She sent me home with a bag of samples and I am obsessed.

Sample packs, face peels, shampoo, conditioner…all amazing.

I’ve been using their lip balm for a couple years now, but have never had a chance to try out the rest of the line. Seriously, guys, go out and buy this stuff now. Though they’re primarily designed for men, many of Jack Black’s products are unisex. Double-duty moisturizer, anyone? Or the face peel? If your brother, father, boyfriend, or best dude friend has a birthday coming up…start with this stuff. Or prep for Christmas a little early. Whatever. (If you’re hesitant to take my word for it, check out the testimonials on their website).

After that, I met with Guy Wolff. Mr. Wolff is a local potter with international fame and has been named a favorite artisan by Martha Stewart, Horticulture Magazine, The Boston Globe, etc. He’s friendly, quirky, and exceptionally talented. It took all of my self-control not to leave the shop with an entire collection of vases and pots. If you’re in the Litchfield County area, his studio tour and demonstration next month is a must!

Internship aside, I accepted a position working with the West Street Grill to revamp their PR. James O’Shea is an absolute master in the kitchen, but he needed some help maintaining organization of all the praise that the restaurant brings in. See The Boston Globe, New York Times, Rural Intelligence, and Zagat for glowing mentions!

Photo courtesy of: http://blog.lisalindblad.com/

I’m being paid, but was also offered a free lunch at the restaurant. Guys, no joke, this place is heaven. I was totally out of my element (covered in dust after organizing old papers and dressed like a hobo), but Jake and I still had an amazing meal. The service was great, the food was magnificent, and the view from the awning was perfect. It was an experience I would never be able to afford myself, but now I can endorse the restaurant with no qualms or hesitations.

Finally, I’m off to NYC tomorrow, and subsequently Israel! I might be posting from a Starbucks in the city, however, don’t expect a new post until after August 1st. For any girls looking for a new distraction at work while I’m gone, check out Into the Gloss. It’s mostly only for the makeup-obsessed, but it’s really fun. Check out the post about my friend, Sara! I’ll also be posting all my summer articles ASAP, though likely not until after my internship ends.

Have a laugh and a lovely rest of the week…xoxo

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CT --> NYC --> Washington, DC. Audience Engagement at The Atlantic, formerly at Vox.com & R29.

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