Some things I’ve realized

Over the past few weeks, I’ve become acutely aware of what I love, need, and learn about my internship on a daily basis. For example, I now know that the most promising questions are only realized until after I’ve done the interview. I’ve also recognized horrible errors in articles after I’ve turned them in (which means I’ve had to email my EIC and editors an apologetic message explaining my mistake), and come to see that my original format for a piece may not be the best format. It’s a rough life.

Regardless, learning these things has been a great experience. Each interview goes smoother than the last, and each article brings with it improvements in writing and a better perspective on the angle of the story. Obviously there is truth in the saying, “You live, you learn.”

Some other things I’ve noted so far:

  • Dress for your office. Mine tends to be pretty casual and it’s the middle of summer, so I’m allowed to wear shorts, tank tops, etc. However, in taking advantage of this, I have realized that the building is absolutely FREEZING. After multiple days of flip flops, skirts, and leaving the office numb, I’ve switched to tights, jeans, and flats. No sense in being uncomfortable all day…even if the weather is completely different outside.
  • Don’t forget food. I tend to snooze my alarm at least once, so my morning is generally slightly frazzled. Not insane, but a little rushed. I almost always forget/don’t have time to pack a snack. This is not okay. Buying lunch around the office every day is expensive, and it takes away from valuable work time. If possible, keep snacks in your car or work bag so that if you forget to pack something, there’s always a little bite to hold you over.
  • Laugh with your coworkers. I got lucky enough to end up in a friendly office. People are helpful, patient, flexible, and easy to get along with. I have yet to feel unwelcome or unappreciated. So when someone in the office makes a joke or starts a conversation, don’t be too shy to join in. Laughter is one of the best ways to bond! It might even help your review or recommendation one day that you were comfortable and confident enough to chat.
  • Here’s an awesome article I discovered while preparing for my first day at the LCT.

Expect another post sometime soon with my favorite summer items. They might not be everyone’s style, but I can’t live without them. Until then, here’s another favorite distraction:

This is, by far, my favorite Call Me, Maybe cover. Thanks for the giggles, cookie monster!

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CT --> NYC --> Washington, DC. Audience Engagement at The Atlantic, formerly at & R29.

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