Dislecksia: The Movie

As part of my internship here at the LCT, I was assigned to cover the screening of a documentary called Dislecksia: The Movie. The film was actually directed by Litchfield resident Harvey Hubbell V, a nine-time Emmy winner who has won 50+ awards at various film festivals across the country. I had no idea what I was getting into.

The film is absolutely astounding, and the people working on it even moreso. If not given away by its title, Dislecksia covers Harvey’s journey dealing with his “processing disorder” and triumphing over the barriers it put up. Furthermore, it includes testimonies from scientists, researchers, educators, and dyslexics to educate and raise awareness. Harvey himself is everything a director should be: passionate, friendly, curious, enthusiastic, dynamic, and totally quirky. I liked him instantly. After a comfortable interview at his farm, he invited me to the screening afterparty. How is my life so great?

In any case, the article is set to print this Friday, and it’s my longest one so far. 1100+ words. If you haven’t googled it already, watch the trailer here:

Absolutely amazing.

Unfortunately, Dislecksia is only screening another two times this summer, so do your best to go see it! If the festivals are too far away, just get really excited about the public release in the coming months.

Curious about Harvey and Captured Time Productions? See the film’s website here or the website for CapTime here. Also, for the love of god, GET INVOLVED IN DYSLEXIA AWARENESS. Be a mentor, advocate, whatever you can. They don’t need money; you can make a huge difference simply by spreading the word.

Thanks to Harvey, Aimee, Rio, and everyone else over at CapTime for being wonderful. Keep up the good work and let me know if there’s anything else I can do!

I’ll be posting the link to my article ASAP, so stay tuned! Thanks for being fantastic, guys. xoxo

Published by Julie Bogen

CT --> NYC --> Washington, DC. Audience Engagement at The Atlantic, formerly at Vox.com & R29.

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