A Weekend in Keuka

Oy…almost a week since my last post. How is that even possible? Where does the time go? I meant to keep up with everything this weekend, but then I spent the time with my family and boyfriend instead.

By some miracle, my family managed to book the beautiful Cannon Cottage in Keuka Parkfor the entire week. Saturday-Saturday. Of course, Jake and I both had to work and made the trek home last night, but the trip was absolute perfection while it lasted. Some photos of the house…

Our lovely kitchen, complete with a fridge that was twice my size and a breakfast bar for the cousins.

My sister and cousin enjoying the sunset from the dock

The view of the lake from our front deck

The house was a dream. Plenty of space for all 12 of us, a gorgeous view, well-decorated, and just generally perfect. Also, I probably ate my body weight of food over the course of four days. Grilled pizza and quesadillas, burgers with every kind of topping, blueberry pancakes, frittatas, fresh fuit…I’m still full.

Some recommendations for anyone else making a trip to the Finger Lakes in the near future:

1. Watkins Glen. It’s quite a trek (1.5 miles hike to the top), but a beautiful one.

2. Rent a boat*. If you’re staying on a lake and don’t own a jetski or speedboat, this is a must. There’s nothing like spending the day tubing, tanning, or just jetting on the water.

3. Go to a farmer’s market. Unfortunately, my timing was bad enough that I missed the local one in Penn Yan. However, I will personally vouch for the satisfaction of purchasing fresh produce and ingredients for a home-cooked, vacation meal.

4. KEEP TRACK OF YOUR KEYS. This is not sarcasm. I just received about 20 panicked texts from my father demanding that I mail the other set of keys because he thought I had accidentally brought them home with me. Obviously, this was not the case, and my younger sister had them the whole time. But maybe save yourself the panic attack altogether and buy a key-finder for moments like this.

5. Put the technology away. As many of you know, I am very attached to my iPhone, Macbook, iPod, etc. Though this is in part due to my career in journalism and new media, there is no excuse for the degree to which I am compulsively checking my emails, text messages, and other notifications. Everyone is constantly nagging me to put down the technology. That being said, I was surprisingly relieved to leave my phone and computer in the basement for most of the weekend. I spent time cooking, reading, napping, talking, hiking, and generally relaxing rather than isolating in my electronics. All of the above: highly recommended.

*Don’t necessarily rent a boat from this website. You may be able to find something more budget-friendly with some research!

Those are all my tips for now, but if my family sees this: thank you for a magnificent four days! I couldn’t ask for a more brilliant, supportive, fun, patient, and pleasant group of people to spend my vacations with.

Another post coming later with my upcoming story lists! Eee! Ciao for now!


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