Some basic updates…

According to my executive editor, Doug Clement, I’m officially a “one-woman style section” for August’s issue of Passport Magazine. As soon as I have confirmation from my sources, I’ll release my lineup, but you should all know that it’s very exciting. I’ve got three stories! THREE! And they’re all AWESOME.

Next, I am in desperate need of a summer and autumn job. If any of you Wheaton or Litchfield folk know of something part time, I’m your girl. I have work study at school, and free time in the evenings at home. As much as I love gardening and the farmer’s market…I need more money and consistent hours!

Also, something I was thinking about the other day: I know I put up a list of tips on how to succeed at your internship, but I also have a list of favorite ways to procrastinate (NOT while you’re at work). Every few days — or weeks, it depends on my schedule– I’ll be putting up a favorite blog, YouTube video, movie, article, or some other entertaining piece of media. You, the readers, can laugh with me, or scorn me for my absurd interests and sense of humor. Sound good? I thought so, too.

Here’s the first little favorite:



Have a laugh and a lovely weekend! I’m off to enjoy my first date night in months, and then a family trip to the Finger Lakes. XOXO

Published by Julie Bogen

CT --> NYC --> Washington, DC. Audience Engagement at The Atlantic, formerly at & R29.

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