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After my post about “things to bring to your internship,” a guy friend pointed out to me that some of my recommendations were not applicable to heterosexual males. Good point, I thought, and took suggestions from a few other interns. Here’s what I received:

1. Beer*Somehow I don’t think this one is entirely serious, but I had four separate men suggest it or something along the lines of “alcohol.” Apparently more and more companies are hosting “happy hour” after work and inviting their interns.

2. Smartphones**. Expensive, but totally worth it. Owning and knowing how to use an iPhone, Blackberry, or Android gives you a huge advantage over the other interns. Having a smartphone will make your work life a lot easier in terms of organizing tasks, communicating with other employees, utilizing appropriate apps, or simply staying busy.

3. Extra Shirt. Depending on where you work and the dress code, bringing along another shirt may be slightly complicated. However, your boss will be impressed that you have an alternative option rather than showing up to an important meeting covered in coffee. Or ink. Or whatever else you boys are making a mess of.

* Terrible, terrible suggestion. Boys, what is wrong with you?

** Here’s a list of apps for interns!

If you have any additional suggestions, let me know and I’ll add ’em to the list. Until probably later today, because I’m a loser, ciao..

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