Sad News

As of July 2nd, the New Milford Litchfield County Times/Housatonic Publications office is closing. Though this means I will no longer have my cozy little corner, and I will probably have to purchase a blazer,  I’m at least a little relieved that it’s a merge rather than a complete layoff. You can find the “full story” here.

News section of the Housatonic Times

Apparently the Torrington office is slightly more formal. CNN playing on a flatscreen 24/7, white walls, sleek and shiny furniture, etc. For some, the move will extend their commute and end their careers with this publication. For me, it cuts my commute in half and opens up even another journalism opportunity.

Some things about the office I’m glad I experienced (albeit briefly):

  1. The small office and limited group of people makes for a quiet, friendly work environment.
  2. I can wear relatively casual clothes like sundresses, flip flops, and shorts.
  3. They got rid of the vending machine, but left all the soda. So there is unlimited, free soda all the time.
  4. The smoke alarm goes off every time someone uses the toaster, which I discovered after a half-second panic attack thinking I had lit the building on fire.
  5. Doug Clement (the Executive Editor) instantly gave me a huge amount of responsibility and independence…something I somehow expect less of after the move.

I’ll add new things as I think of them, but that’s all I can come up with at the moment. Hopefully I’ll stay off of WordPress until tomorrow…

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