No Such Thing As June Gloom

At least, not since this morning’s historic announcement that gay marriage is a constitutional right nationwide. I am so proud of our country, our leaders, and the example we’re setting for those who remain wary of change. Truly, love has won.

And, I’m sorry about my recent vanishing act; the past few months have been a blur of productivity, joy, and exploration. I promise I’m back with a few exciting summer surprises for you: Continue reading

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Six Days In Paradise

There are not enough nice words in the world to describe my trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Everything about it fell into place — from our incredible presidential suite to our plans for the week — and I don’t remember the last time I felt so relaxed. That said, there were some things I couldn’t have lived without, and I feel I should share those packing tips with you (and anyone else looking for an easy, fun experience). And, of course, I have several suggestions on things to do and places to see…

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Image courtesy of @deptduluxe

Lies About Spring

Supposedly it’s springtime in NYC, but it was snowing when I got off the subway this evening, so I’m not buying what the calendar is selling. That said, when I left my apartment this morning it was comfortably brisk without a cloud in the sky. I wouldn’t mind except for the fact that I’ve packed up 90% of my winter wardrobe so am now just cold until the temperature cooperates.

On a lighter note, I’ve discovered some more happy, spring-friendly things:

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